Soon to come on Kickstarter

Under development and soon to come.

We are excited to present our beautiful collection of bended tube lamps.

Squiggle stands like a neon tube in the room – like a luminous line.

The organic form creates life and associations of everything from a curious snake sticking its head forward to a quick signature written in the air with a loose hand.

Squiggle won’t just be noticed – Squiggle want to be noticed.

The many eye-catching colors each create their own impression.

The colors together with the living organic form create the environment in which the lamp stands.

Squiggle lifts the mood.


Squiggle comes in several sizes to fit your needs.

Small desk lamp – Fits any desk and provides good direct working light.

Height 42 cm – Width 60 cm.

Medium table lamp – Fits the desktop with the large computer screen.

Height 50 cm – Width 75 cm.

Large desk lamp – The extraordinarily large desk lamp that provides a good working light across the table or extends across multiple screens at the same time.

Height 66 cm – Width 100 cm.