Several Sizes

Squiggle comes in several sizes to fit your needs.

Small desk lamp – Fits any desk and provides good direct working light.

Height 42 cm – Width 60 cm.

Medium table lamp – Fits the desktop with the large computer screen.

Height 50 cm – Width 75 cm.

Large desk lamp – The extraordinarily large desk lamp that provides a good working light across the table or extends across multiple screens at the same time.

Height 66 cm – Width 100 cm.

The Squiggle lamps are fitted with a powerful LED band from 950 lumens pr meter. The power makes it suitable as primary lighting.
The ribbon has a pleasant warm white color as you know it from the halogen light. The entire 950 lumens per meter corresponds to a 60W bulb spread over one meter. This ribbon reproduces the colors incredibly well and makes it ideal for kitchens, living rooms, etc., wherever the colors must be reproduced exactly.